The Cube is a residential architecture inspired by simple geometric shapes combined with the use of curves. The name “The Cube” reflects the resident's basic geometric form, by emphasizing the resident's resemblance to a cube “in space,” that creates a sense of the unknown and potential for hidden complexities inside the seemingly simple structure.


The beauty of the building is based on the volume façade, which is a flat wall that defies traditional limitations., Part of this volume projects an impressive architecture, where the 6 meters façade extends outward without pillars. This creates a dramatic design, emphasizing the resident's modern aesthetic.


Creating an open space is significant, however maintaining privacy for users is a challenge that architects need to address. This matter can be solved by functionally dividing the space into two distinct zones: a family area and a reception area. These seemingly separate spaces are cleverly connected by a central open courtyard. This verdant sanctuary not only fosters a connection with nature but also serves a practical purpose: it acts as a light well that bathes the entire home in natural light.


In essence, The Cube is a testament to the architect's ability to create a harmonious balance between openness and privacy, simplicity and intrigue, and light and nature.

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